Freitag, 1. März 2013

No. 60 + new page completed!

25 x 25 cm

 ... another page completed. Yeah! Which one is your favorite of page 3?


  1. This new page has a nice black and white, yin and yang feel to it BarbaraBee!! N, x

  2. 49 is, holidays, relaxing......

  3. How on earth did I miss the fact that you are doing a daily project as well??!! Bad me! And there's so much work in your pieces, I'm so incredibly inpressed. My project is all over the place (which I'm enjoying!). So, from this bunch, my faves are 58 (we seem to like each other's fish!), 48 (just a beautiful quality overall - and who can go past a giant bunny!!), and 45 (because there just aren't enough dinosuars playing in the parks these days). It's kinda overwhelming to think there is still 10 months ago isn't it?! But I know we'll do it :^) At least you'll be able to make a stylistically coherent project! xx


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