Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

No. 86

20 x 30 cm
another digital one - honestly I don't even know what I'm exactly doing...


  1. But because of your artistic eye, your not knowing what you are doing creates a masterpiece, full of mystery and excitement. My eye studies this mystery in this piece. It's fabulous. Barbara, many KNOW what they are doing digitally, and create junk in my opinion. Keep learning this and you will soar high. Love your work always, N, x

  2. es sieht aber sehr, SEHR klasse aus!

    (Das musste jetzt raus... bin wieder weg... frohe Ostern :)=

  3. it seems to me that you know!

  4. Agreed! this is a real beauty! Maybe not knowing is the way to go ;)


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