Montag, 19. August 2013

No. 231

29,5 x 20 cm


  1. super, diese fliegende gans!! und was da gestern aus der schultüte rauskam fand ich auch eine wunderbare idee!
    liebe grüße - die kiste ist reserviert!

  2. Barbara dear, those floating bits look exactly (in my mind's eye) like the seed sections of a clematis vine that get fluffy (much like a dandelion flower) so that the wind can carry them to their new destination. I am always amazed at how the fluffy flower heads disperse their seeds into the world. Love this piece. Norma, x

  3. this book i'm reading, this book i find hard finishing, because i have grown into every corner of it, for the third time around; your image is a perfect background to the feel of the book. i mean, there's more happening than just dad, mum and son in the story, but it plays an important part. it's really moving.


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