Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

And the Winners are....!!

Hello Girls,

today is giveaway day  TADAH! Drum roll!!!

The (hopefully happy) winners are: Norma, Ariane and Kristen!


 I like to THANK all of you for your nice encouraging comments and for following me, which is great, it doesn't feel so empty and unseen any more and that makes me happy.
AND because I'm the boss her in this "company" and I was so crazy happy about your participation I decided to choose 2 more winners, namely: 

Belinda (Gretchenmist) and Nadine (Woolfy).

Congratulations for you 2 too!

So please make your final decision and send me your address 

For all others, don't worry, I still have to make 322 collages and 10.5 months left, time and material enough to announce a few more giveaways during that time.


  1. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway and congratulations to all the lucky winners!

  2. congratulations to the lucky ladies!

    your beautiful collages will certainly not be left unseen, each one different and surprising, keep them coming Barbara, xx

  3. Happy, happy happy! liebste Barbara!
    und... ich darf mir jetzt eine Deiner wundervollen Collagen aussuchen?!
    Die subtile 4 oder doch die 15, die mich zum Lachen brachte... oder doch die fantastische 16! Himmel! die 29? 33? Und, auch wenn ich nicht jede kommentiere... still und heimlich schaue ich doch und freue mich über Dein Collagen-Füllhorn! Wundervoll!

    auf bald,
    xo Ariane.


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